My Pants are too big


One size doesn’t mean fit all. There are a bunch of sizes for pretty much everything so that we are able to fit it. I’m not just talking about clothes, although my size 6 pants are really too big again. I swear I’m not disappearing!

There are snack sizes and regular size bags of chips and cereal. Now there is a family size option.

There are mini chairs and regular size chairs.

There are trial sizes of hygiene products and then there are regular sizes.

There are kid size beds to a king size bed. There may even be a larger bed for those people that are massively tall.

There are mini-coopers to a full size truck or even a 20 passenger van.

There are studio apartments to homes with 5 plus bedrooms for families with lots of children.

There are numerous programs out there for various health resources.

There are a number of job seeking resources available.

One size doesn’t fit all! Each of us is unique and lives a different way.

Our diet may only allow a snack size but it may be cheaper in the long run to buy the family size.

We may only have us when we buy a new car but what happens if you decide to pick up a stranded llama on the side of the road and bring it back to its herd.?


What if family comes into town unannounced and needs a place to stay?

Small may be better for some things but not all things. A family size may just bring waste if just one person utilizes or consumes in. A smaller vehicle may mean less gas now but it may bring higher unexpected costs.

We just don’t know!

One size just doesn’t fit all! We are unique and we have to make sure what we have fits us now.


4 thoughts on “My Pants are too big

  1. I like how your mind thinks.


      1. Like is always good dear 😄

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