A Treasured trucker travels on




I was only 14 with my life full and that’s when it seemed like the world stopped. My biological father had a heart attack and lay on the ground motionless. Despite the brain injury about 6 years later, I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was my mother who found him first and I was next after hearing her cry and yell. I darted across the street to Dan Hunter who could help my mom with CPR as we waited for the paramedics to arrive. I don’t have much memory of what happened next. In the days that followed our house was visited by friends and family. I could tell my mom just wanted to grieve but I didn’t want to bother her.

A month or so later, I went on a once in lifetime trip. Several months before I had applied and been accepted into a week long wider opportunity trip with Girl Scouts to go canoeing for several days in the boundary waters of Canada. I wasn’t so sure about going but eventually I’d go with the push of family. I needed a break to get away from this. It was a great trip but I came back to a different world.

Eventually my mom did remarry. Ray Beets was from Indiana and he helped to fill a void in my life as a father like figure. He and my mom raised me again after the accident. He has been my support as I compete across the globe. Ray is still around and I really hope that continues for a long time loving my mom and loving all of my 4 biological and step siblings ( 2 of which are his)

My dad comes back to visit me in my dreams. Some of these times are quite amusing just as the time where he dressed up in a Halloween costume and staged himself on the porch to “spook” trick or treaters. There was the picnic with his best friend, Dale July, where they sat next to a pile of puzzle pieces and water balloons. I am really not sure what they were planning on doing. Or the time when my dad had a few whipped cream pies ready to go but there was no one in sight.

These little memories help me to remember him. I feel he is my guardian angel who kept me alive along with the many prayers. Happy birthday Dad! I love you Dad!

Do you find Solitude in unusual places? In memories?

3 thoughts on “A Treasured trucker travels on

  1. Your father and I were always plotting something. Water balloons = somebody gonna get wet. Puzzle pieces was the game…cant solve it..sorry. that went for adults too kiddo.
    One of my fondest memories was when your Mom and dad, Sue and I went to the boat in Iowa for 2 reasons. First to lose money, second to visit the AYCE Prime Rib. Well as with any completion, we were well into the contest when the Casino Manager asked us to leave cause we ate to much. We both huffed and puffed, but I know I was glad it ended in a tie.♥️♥️♥️😎😎😎

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