The Warrior Ethos


Military or not we can all find some value in this.

I will always place the mission first

My first mission was to recover. Yes many things got in my way but I didn’t let that stop me. I pushed through and recovered as much as doctors said I would. But I continued and recovered even more. Yes I have my limitations but who doesn’t have limitations? My next mission is to compete in the Paralympic Games. I honestly was hoping on Tokyo 2020 but I’m at a point where I can just not get ahead. What is your mission? In life? In your career?

I will never accept defeat

Sure I failed a lot but that didn’t stop me. Has it stopped you?

I will never quit

When I was at R.I.C. Member’s of the 333rd MP Unit out of Freeport, IL came to visit me. They gave me a plaque that sits just to the right of my trainer inside: (and no I didn’t purposely get this bike since it was red, white, and blue)



The quote on the plaque is I will never quit.

Just thinking about the Warrior Ethos has helped me to get where I am today from where I was. It helped me get through the days that were just hard, the days where I encountered doubters, the days when it seemed like I was forgotten.

As much as I say I should just give up or quit., do you really think I want to? Have you taken a step back to be a friend and to talk?

Yes things frustrate me , but who is never frustrated? Do  you live a perfect life?

I will never leave a fallen comrade

Have you seen someone struggle? What is your response? Despite my limitations I help out when I can with what I can. Are you doing the same?

Live by the Warrior Ethos and you will get ahead. Life is what you make of it.




2 thoughts on “The Warrior Ethos

  1. Very well said!!


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