He’s not even 2 yet and he has been to 4 countries and all over the USA

Everyone meet Twigs :


He sure likes his food.

One advantage of competing in different countries and places is the wide variety of food available. Some of it may have a different name than what we Americans may call it but it is still tasty. And of course some of it is totally unheard of and you are probably thinking, do I dare eat that? Go ahead and take a chance of course.

We all face choices everyday and there are many chances to be taken. Try something new and you may just like it.

Now Twigs doesn’t cycle but is rather my travel buddy. It’s rather surprising that he is not larger then he is. Ok I know you are thinking, how childish is that?

Twigs as my travel buddy actually keeps me sane in some weird way. Competing in different places means you don’t always have an idea of what is where. The grocery store may be just down the road but it may be called something completely different. Having Twigs with me gives me a sense that I am home.

It’s a big world out there! Do you have any different ways to help remind you of home while you are away?

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