As the wheels turn 1 time, then 2 times, so do you.

Cycling was a major part of my recovery. It allowed me to be free once I was able to learn how I could ride with the semi barriers I had.

I have always been a competitive person, always wanting to be the best that I can be which is why I often pushed myself to do things that were much more difficult. Cycling has a few traits that can be carried over from life.

Cycling takes patience. It often takes a while to learn something and be good at it. Normally you don’t jump on a bike and instantly be the best in the world. You start at the bottom and need to work your way up. I am not able to completely agree to this due to my competitive nature. I want to be the best I can be yesterday! In life, everything around you takes patience to learn something. Be patient.

Cycling also takes dedication. Don’t expect to ride once a week and be a great performer. I try to cycle at least 5 times a week and go to the gym once a week. I fit this time in with working a full time job. In life we also need a sense of dedication. You have to be dedicated to succeed at something and you will succeed.

Cycling also takes a willingness to learn. Races are often held in places with different customs and traditions. While you are there you need to understand the way they live so you don’t get in trouble for doing something whether illegally or not. In life you need a willingness to learn something new. Take a chance and you will grasp it at your own pace.

There are numerous other lessons that can be learned but I will leave you with these three to start the  day with. Have an awesome day!


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