All you ever wanted

We all have a favorite color whether it is green, blue, hot pink, orange, etc.

This color just fascinates us and we aim to  incorporate it wherever we can in our lives.

We could be over our necks with our color choice and this isn’t all that bad. However what happens if that color changes?

Sure the color can change but it may not be as instant as we may think.

It may take an event such as an accident to change but do we really know?

My first favorite color was blue, I even got my car in blue.

However aafter my accident I have this fascination with orange. Right now I have very little energy and so I decided to look for orange bike parts. My bike is in orange as well as my car.

Now I just need to work on orange cycling shoes,

And maybe wheels,

Image may contain: bicycle

or maybe orange bike shorts,

or even an orange skinsuit,

No photo description available.


but as I was looking, I came across this:

Image may contain: bicycle and outdoor

I’m not sure that would be wise to even try.

I find it unusual that my 2 favorite colors are that of the Chicago Bears and although I live in Illinois, my favorite team is the Green Bay Packers, with the colors of green and gold.

To make this even more stranger, my college colors at Rasmussen were Green and Gold. My school colors at SNHU were Blue and Yellow/Gold.

Can our favorite color be dependent on the time in our life or act as an opposite to achieve balance within our lives? Can the changing colors act as a representation or prior times and memories?

3 thoughts on “All you ever wanted

  1. orange is the new blue 😊

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