The road less traveled

This post is just a bit different. Normally I write out something inspirational and give my experience on it. For this one I have a lot of things exploding in my head and I am in need of your thoughts.

When I started writing several months ago I figured it would be a way to keep myself busy.

I’ve tried applying for several jobs and I’m very fearful that my disability has gotten in the way of some of them. There isn’t much that I can do about it.

I was invited to a 3 day employment workshop with Deloitte and WWP. Before that I am going to an all day training of QuickBooks online. I just applied yesterday for an internship with Clifton Larson CPA in Spring 2019.

However I am really enjoy the flexibility to just write on my own schedule.

I am very skilled with numbers so I could start my own book keeping business. I have a Masters in Forensic Accounting so I could actually use my degree.

But I am really not sure if I should start one or hold of to see if I get this internship or something comes of this workshop?

What would you do?

If you chose self employment what advantages and/or challenges do you anticipate?


Thank you!

2 thoughts on “The road less traveled

  1. I’m glad you have chosen to open up on this platform. If I must say, YOU have the decision take the choice that suits you. The choice which u know, you will find fulfillment in it. It mustn’t be what everyone else expects, but Are you satisfied with your choice?
    Hope it helped. I wish I the best in making this decision šŸ™ā¤

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