Where do I belong?


We all face this question in someway at some point in our life. Most often it is when we are a teenager going to high school or it may be even earlier for some folks. And even still it could be later in life or even after a serious situation. We really don’t know.

Before my accident I had wanted to be a math teacher. I always loved math and working with numbers and children. I planned and hosted a week long music and arts day camp for younger children and teenagers for my Girl Scout Gold Award. I knew what I wanted to do.


Or so I thought and life happened.

Within seconds my life changed for the worst. After emerging from the coma completely about 4 months later soon this math teacher dream changed.

I was back to the beginning. An adult in the shoes of a child. I was given the choice of what I wanted to do with my life again. And it wasn’t too hard even though I had my limitations. I still loved math and that didn’t change a bit. Especially when the first college class I wanted to take was Calculus and I got the highest grade in my class. Now some can say that it was because I got longer to take a test but they can think what they want to think.

I took that class in person at the college. With my physical limitations it took a lot out of me to go to that one class.  In the field of math there was also accounting. At the time I didn’t believe that it would have a lot of customer interaction. For some jobs in the Accounting field it does take a lot of phone work.

Where do I belong? 


I went on with college in Accounting despite the negativity from a counselor. I went on to earn my AS an BS in Accounting as well as my MS in Forensic Accounting.


Where do I belong?


I got a job and that went well for the first 2 and a half years. But it became a toxic environment when someone was hired. I guess she didn’t like me? No more details will be given.

Where do I belong?

ask blackboard chalk board chalkboard
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I am trying out para-cycling  but that is sometimes too much filled with waves of frustration by getting slaughtered in a race by a newbie. I’m overqualified for many jobs because I have a Master’s but I am underqualified because of my voice. Even though I spent time in the military I don’t have enough “real-world” experience.

Where do I belong?


This is a question that we all encounter and for me it still lingers on today. Many people don’t typically see people like me in the workforce or even in public. Is it wrong? Possibly but maybe the problem lies with society. 

5 thoughts on “Where do I belong?

  1. It is interesting that you chose to write about this today. A few months ago when I had a really bad episode of depression I dropped out of my counseling program because I thought it was causing the problem. I reached out to my rehabilitation counselor again saying I wanted part time work. It took 5 months just to see her and by that time, my medication had started helping, and I reenrolled in school. I decided to try and find a summer job anyway. It was a really hard experience because while I had a BA I had never worked. My volunteer experience wasn’t enough, but I couldn’t physically do an entry level job. It was the worst thing ever! I eventually just gave up and decided to focus on finishing my MS.

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